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MetroClassic.Com - Classic Furniture For your Palace! Request Custom Interior Classic Design Items, or visit our secure on-line store to see our 'small' suggestions. Every item pictured on these pages is Hand-Made, Unique and Signed by the Artist Yiannis Kazantzidis.

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In this web site you can admire the work of Yiannis Kazantzidis, a woodsculptor whose creations have decorated the houses of famous people with a classic taste, as well as palaces in theatrical and TV productions in Greece.
Here is a Greek language version

Email us about this incredible desk. The Ancient Greek themes are custom-drawn and the theme depictions are for the Medical, Legal, Political, Academic, Judicial or other high profile office.
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The items that you see here have all been custom design according to the decorating needs of the particular house, as these have been defined by the artist himself or independently. Through this online presence you can inquire about custom-orders, pricing, deliverables or anything related to our work.
There is a special part of the site that allows you to securely purchase online a few selected, handmade, smaller items like icons, frames statues etc. So, if you cannnot afford the big and more expensive furniture, you can own a unique, custom and handmade art of work.
Pierced in the dense, bustling, lively city of Athens, Greece, the laboratory in which these pictures are shot, has been Mastro-Yiannis 30 year cradle of creativity.

The artist parts with his new creation at delivery day

Delivery for this magnificent piece

The artist has collaborated with E.T. (National Greek Radio-Television), SOTRIS world famous fashion designer, CARAVEL hotels etc. He has often appeared in mass media, including two special personal art and artist profile documentaries from E.T. (Greek TV @1974 and @1996), as well as magazine profiles in ELLE, Apogeymatini, and NEA (high circulation national papers). He has donated his creations for photo shoots and tv productions ("Chlidati" - "The Rich" - 2 year show with K. Voutsas produced by ET).
Los Angeles for our US relations: 311 N. Robertson Blvd S. 624, Beverly Hills, CA 90211, USA, tel: (310) 531-7393

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You can inquire about any specific item you see here or request a custom order by e-mail .
By email you can also send additional comments regarding an order (use your orderid) or request a specific item you see on the on-line store in different dimensions.

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